Monday, September 17, 2012

Rolled $CF Iron Condors To October For Credit

Rolled the spreads from this trade out to October expiration.  This is a net credit of $0.21 per lot.

Currently about 75% probability of win on both sides of the condor.

STO Oct 12 CF 205/200 bull put spreads for ($3.61-$2.58) x 100 x 5 lots = $515 credit received
STO Oct 12 CF 235/240 bear call spreads for ($2.35-$1.47) x 100 x 5 lots = $440 credit received


  1. Thanks Drew - Keep those posts coming - Guess you will still hold your OCT - SPY bear calls (we just recently rolled) for a pull back?

    1. Hey Tim, thanks for the support!

      Yes, going to hold both sides of the SPY iron condor for a few weeks, unless we get a big move one way or the other. Plan is to stay solvent in that trade until we can roll to better strikes. Also remember that we took a little risk off in that trade by using less margin ($2800 vs. $3000).

    2. Thanks for your thoughts- Most appreciated ;^)