Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Option Premium Blog Has Two New Affiliates! @BookingAlpha @Livevol_Pro

As some of you may have noticed, there is a new Affiliates section on the sidebar.  Today, The Option Premium Blog is thrilled to announce two new affiliates.

The first is a good friend of mine.  BookingAlpha runs an excellent subscription-based trading service and blog.  He offers two different subscriptions, one for weekly and one for monthly options.  Each one also comes with free autotrade enrollment (if your broker supports it).  For $14.95 a month it's basically the same as the commissions on one option trade.  One successful trade could pay for a year's worth of service!

You can follow Book on twitter @BookingAlpha.

BookingAlpha Option Trading Advisory

The next affiliate is the incredibly powerful LiveVol Pro tool.  Ever wonder how those super-expensive option trading services are able to follow option order flow?  Want to know where the big or unusual option volume is?  Curious about a security's volatility skew from month to month?  LiveVol Pro is for you!  It is an incredibly powerful quoting, scanning, and charting web-based tool.  In addition, you get fundamental, Level II, past earnings & dividends, as well as all kinds of statistical data.  Take your option trading to the next level with LiveVol Pro.

You can follow Livevol on twitter @Livevol_Pro.

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