Wednesday, August 22, 2012

$GOOG Credit Put Spreads

These spreads are expiring for full profit today.

After finally resting for a few and breaking out to all-time highs, Google (GOOG) is back on the move again.  While the current trendline is not sustainable for much longer, I'm going to use it as support for now.  Also keeping the short strike under the base around 640.  ATR is currently 10.6, which puts the short strike four full ATRs away.

OBV & accum/distribution line both show money is flowing into the stock.  And the 50-day MA is quickly rising to meet the short strike price.

Currently an 86% probability of max profit on this trade.  Like these AAPL bull put spreads yesterday, Google has recently broken out to new highs.  Therefore I do not plan on condoring these.

Sold Sept 12 GOOG 630/625 bull put spreads for ($3.45-$2.95) x 100 x 5 spreads = $250 credit received


  1. Interesting trading strategy. Would you mind doing a post on going from a spread to a condor position. It would be great to talk about:
    1) how you would do that
    2) Thought process on why you do it
    3) Show 1-3 sample trades that you did (maybe one that was great and one that went wrong)

    I've only been doing bull puts, but have yet to explore other premium collection strategies.