Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trade: Sold May 12 LULU 80/85 Credit Call Spread

Used down day today to repurchase the spreads.  Going to look at redeploying using an iron condor for possibly May to get back a little bit of the money lost.  Would normally go out to next month but earnings are early June so I don't want to gamble there.  If I recoup some prior to that then at least I can be a bit more conservative if I do decide to open spreads for June.  Will take the weekend to think about it and price things out.

Bought LULU May 12 80/85 call spreads for ($1.39-$0.34) x 100 x 5 spreads = $525 paid - $155 credit = $370 loss

Going in the opposite direction from this previous trade, it now looks like Lululemon Athletica (LULU) may be getting tired.  Also aided by the fact that the market has been very weak lately.  Opened up credit call spreads today but staying well the recent highs around 77.50.  OptionsHouse tool gives me an 85.2% probability of max profit on this trade.

Sold LULU May 12 80/85 call spreads for ($0.41-$0.10) x 100 x 5 spreads = $155 premium received

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